The Pleasure Was All Yours

by Pump Action

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This ep was recorded at Live Rehearsals, Livingston by The National Heff Service. It was then sent to Eagle Diamond Shark Studios for mixing by Fud and Boulder.


released November 12, 2011

Pump Action are:

Stiff Richard - slender vox and guitar abuse

Golden Barr - axe, backing vox & lead vox on 'Everyone Knows'

Jim Shagadance - sub filth and shaker

Logie - skins and anger

All songs written by Pump Action 2011.

We would like to thank ourselves for feigning the effort to make this ep. We are your problem now.



all rights reserved


Pump Action Glasgow, UK

'Listeners are offered the opportunity to have their comfort zones exploited with a fusion of grinding alt rock, hip hop, noise punk and furious libidos.

Their fan base (‘hos and souljas’) connect on a spiritual level not only with Pump Action’s raw music but their sexually infused lyrics and pop culture referencing, which is akin to a conversation with an aroused Quentin Tarantino.’

- Akon
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Track Name: I Would Hate To Start A Family With You
Once there was a time you were mine, all mine
Now I'm acting on the absence of tingles down my spine
Baby it's not the weed, or this whisky I'm drinking
It just musta been my loins that were doing all the thinking.

I won't have this any more, this has happened twice before
Now the only banging going on is at a chained and bolted door,
Can't believe at one point I would've required a knee pad, so
Don't you dare question my respect for what we had.

How can I explain again,
When who what and where are in the way of when?
Timelines; fractured guidelines of what went wrong
Aren't the source of resolution that'll kepp you strong.

Maybe it's those eyes, fixed and grimmaced, always looming
Every time I'm handed change or served a fine ale from a woman
Or maybe it's your one ounce of effort to my 86
And maybe it didn't help that most of your friends are pricks.

We're fixing a broken mechanism with a broken mechanism.

The beans spilt when you took it to the hilt
Still I bit my lip for fear of your uncles losing their grip
What I wanted to say was traits of your mum's were coming my way
Well fuck that noise, I won't put that on my girls and boys.

So in retrospect, I've identified all your defects
But my hands are raised, this root had to take one big, long turn
That's three years away, pissed all over the dirty washing
Not much left to say about that fucking day that I met you.
Track Name: Everyone Knows
Well now, it's hardly the time to be mindful of others
There's a stirring of synapses and a focus unperturbed
Acknowledge the room remaining distant (carry on passing)
The door is closed and so is the mind
Temper temper, we'll make a connection you can be sure,
But patience is a virtue that's been abandoned

I don't care if everyone can hear
Let us create an atmosphere!

Press play, pause and rewind now
There's a time and a place (and this is the place and the time)
I can hear the voices I want to and filter out the irrelevance of others
The walls have become so much thinner
Feigning ignorance only goes so far
Hearts beat beat beat all around
A pre-recorded moment of joy in the hands of a man possessed

I don't care if everyone can hear
Let us create an atmosphere
Track Name: Creep In The Corner
The clouds broke I choked on her cherries and cream
I didn't snap out of a dream
My sensibilities and these boots don't fit me
We walk on roots of trees
What's the problem, is having none one of them?

Liability Boy

Your code of revolt bolts you to your swivel chair
Those four walls will begin to stare
If you keep steaping in that great big bath of scum
Your muck will cling to everyone
Get down to a museum, now!

Liability Boy

The Chinese slaowed the world down when they built the dam
Two years ago I'd feel less calm
A milisecond wouldn't bring the end of days
Just more time up her polonaise

Liability Boy

All jokes aside I've tried to baracade these doors
A dozen times or more
I'll down my tools and let these creatures crawl on in
All these hyperbole now sin

So two years on
You sing the same song
You're clearing rooms
With your doom and gloom
Well boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo
Dry your eyes
Track Name: Tattooed Mum
In here my thoughts are restless
Whilst downstairs your mother sings
The noise shoots up the bed posts
And dances with the springs
Now my heart's set like a time bomb
I'll stay here till my will is too strong
Her song's making it hard to drop my guard
I'll role with the cliches and play the drunk card

Signs are purely moments disguised as destiny
But you'd forgive a man with efforts exhausted
This knee-jerk's got me in knots
And now you've left a tide-mark on my thoughts
I'll rinse this ring of scum just to keep mum
And destroy every copy of Under My Thumb

Armed with your crippling fear of accountability
The matter at hand is blown away
I return fire with a poor marksman's eye
Thinking that she is gonnae stay.

Give my heart distraction
Or give our bodies traction,
Just soke me in original sin
Ignorance now a kissing kin,
We bounce the ball in my court
Just me and my new queen consort
There's no room upon my throne, I won't be alone
I'm content with my elementary flesh and bones.
Track Name: Pretty Girl Syndrome
Little girls should bite their tongues
For the sake of what may come
When your elements have got you fooled
You'll get schooled

You'll find no substance underneath
All that noise behind your teeth
Great melodies your mind will play
Where they should stay

Drones may stack as you spout decrees
But there's no room around your finger for me
Great pins excuse their foregone whit
Not your bullshit.

Each pout denotes an idle ear
To either cunt or caveleir
The trick's in diagnosing them
With three simple letters.

P.G.S. across the generations
Is the pluke before you pop it
It's easy to think the world revolves around you
When nobody's there to stop it.

I read you like a book
The second that door blew in your looks,
I place the highest bid
On you not hearing 'no' much as a kid.

(I brush aside those wolves you've cried
That victim card's a lantern slide
Just bat those eye lashes one more time
I'm sure you'll be fine).